Assessment & Reporting

Our basic assumption is that each child learns and develops at his or her own pace and, as a result, learning assessments and evaluation should always be applied with a sense of proportion. Here, too, lies the focus of our work, namely on the individual student and their unique learner profile. In our school, assessments are conducted on an ongoing basis through observation and through the use of a range of strategies depending on their phase of development. 

Our teachers document their students’ developmental and learning progress with class work, photos from the classroom, recommendations, as well as evaluations in order to track the development process closely and individually.  We maintain a portfolio for the documentation of learning and our students are actively involved in compiling their work and achievements. Our portfolio design also integrates student diaries recording progress in German. Our students learn right from the start that the portfolio documents their learning. They collect examples of their work voluntarily and learn how to articulate why this work in particular is important to them and what the examples demonstrate.

In addition, we also record the academic progress of each child in various subjects, as well as the social and emotional development, in order to provide parents with tailored advice during the transition to Primary School. The demands on our students have been developed in collaboration with teachers in the Early Learning Center and Primary School, in order to prepare each child for entry to Grade 1 in the best way possible. These evaluations ensure individual support in cooperation with all teachers and the child’s parents. Our aim is to support the strengths of our students and to give each child the opportunity to realize his or her full potential.

Communication with parents is an essential component of student learning. We try to maintain an open atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation in order to provide all parents with the opportunity to become actively involved in their child’s development. To this end, we offer both informal and formal channels of communication to facilitate open exchange on student achievement. It is the task of each teacher to ensure that this communication happens regularly. At the start of each school year, we hold parent interviews in order to give parents the opportunity to share their wishes, concerns, and assessments with us.

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