Learning Environment

Learning Environment

We understand our learning environment to be the complete physical, social, emotional, and pedagogical atmosphere where both the formal and hidden curriculum can unfold. In BMS Secondary, our classrooms and learning facilities are designed to foster student motivation and support learning in all of its multifaceted forms.

We seek to create teaching, working, and learning environments that cultivate learning opportunities and ecosystems which serve the diverse characteristics and needs of our community. The learning environment is not limited to our classrooms and learning resources, but also our school culture, social cohesion, personal joy stemming from further development and creative freedom, our values, our commitment to academic excellence, as well as a school campus where diverse and international community members come to learn and collaborate each day. These critical facets create the BMS learning ecosystem and provide the foundation for guiding students along their pathway of academic success and character development.

A modern learning environment in both our classrooms and learning facilities, as well as an extensive digital and media program, is the prerequisite for a contemporary education. In order to meet the ever-changing dynamics of modern teaching and learning, we continually assess our learning resources based on student needs, adapt our program to meet changing dynamics, and further develop our classroom organization to accommodate changes both within our community and within society at large.

As our society changes, so does our learning and we see this as an opportunity to further expand our learning ecosystem—one that is based on mutual respect, empathy, and cooperation. With a stable infrastructure and effective tools and resources, we have the ability to harness diverse potential, cultivate interests and talents, and achieve the best possible results for our students.


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