BMS provides a modern education and focuses on the topics and values that are important to young families who explicitly seek to provide their children with an excellent education. 

The numerous opportunities in our neighborhood are reflected in our school program, which represents everything that children want, teenagers like and parents look for – an inexhaustible pool of arts & history, sports, and a melting pot of different cultures. Having all this on offer in the center of Berlin makes our campus a dynamic location with a lively school life.

Alongside a strong curriculum, a dedicated team of teachers and educators, and a stimulating learning environment, we promote a balanced, international and open-minded community to ensure the success of our school as well as each and every student. We find it particularly important to create a strong community of families and employees with diverse backgrounds who identify with the values and aspirations of the school.

We place keen focus on meaningful channels of engagement to facilitate a strong sense of community for our students and parents. To this end, we have a BMS House System from Primary through Secondary school to foster bonds between students and to promote awareness for local and international initiatives. Upon entry to BMS, each student is assigned to a house, named after the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Our calendar of events, both for academic, house, and greater school community themes, allow for the expression our approach to education beyond the classroom. Be it the information evenings we offer our parent community, events to celebrate international mindedness, or workshops and meet-ups from our parent group MET@BMS, our goal is to provide a strong and vibrant sense of community for all our members. 

BMS community members have various opportunities to become actively involved in shaping and developing our school. It is important that our school community practice what we communicate to our students on a daily basis in our school program – cultural openness, respect, tolerance, and teamwork.

The community hub is our campus which is designed as a place to meet and to mingle--our courtyard is bustling with action the entire school day. Our cafeteria, where we serve a warm meal and provide students with a fresh salad bar and unlimited fruits each day, is also a main meeting place for our community members. Between 12 and 2pm the cafeteria is buzzing at BMS!

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