House System

House System

Early in the school´s history, we decided to establish a BMS House System due to our belief that it could become an important and influential element of our school culture and organizational structure. A place where students could feel a sense of belonging, identify with the school, and assist us in building school spirit across all age groups. Many years later, the BMS House system has achieved those goals and is now a central tenet in the greater life of the school, implemented now from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

The BMS House System is comprised of four distinct houses each named after the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each house has their own identity, color, and vision. Students from Grade 1 to 12 represent their house at competitions and public events, take part in school engagements, and participate in activities to earn house points throughout the academic year. In doing so, our students build strong friendships and engage in initiatives important to their fellow house members and house mission.

The BMS House System provides our students with the opportunity to take on leadership roles as House Captain or Vice-Captain. They learn how to manage group dynamics as a leader, develop decision-making skills, learn how to manage a team, and how to serve the needs and interests of their house.

Overall, the BMS House System offers our students an opportunity to express their creativity and school spirit along with their peers across multiple age groups. In doing so, our House System has become a central component of our school program.

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