Academics at Berlin Metropolitan School centers on delivering the best quality school curriculum. The Secondary School aims to be a center of academic excellence, combining the local curriculum, Berlin Framework Curriculum (Berliner Rahmenlerhplan), with the best international programs. To this end, BMS prepare its students for future university or professional success—whether in Germany or abroad.

In Grades 7-8 grade BMS students study a uniquely designed program that draws from the best curricula around the world as well as the Berlin Framework Curriculum, guiding our students for a successful transition from Primary School to Secondary School. The program seeks to meet the needs of our young Secondary students and provide a strong foundation of both skill and subject competency for academic success in the later years of BMS Secondary. 

Students are prepared for the international curricula programs in the more senior years and become well-versed in both the content and structure of the Berlin Framework Curriculum. Subject-specific skills, transdisciplinary skills as well as structured learning techniques are explicitly taught, ensuring students develop an effective toolbox of strategies needed for the Mittlerer Schulabschluss (Berlin State Grade 10 Leaving Certificate), the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Grades 9-10, as well as the rigorous DP (Diploma Programme) from the International Baccalaureate Organisation in Grades 11-12.

The IB Diploma equips our students with the necessary skills and experience required for success in university or vocational pursuit. Each year, our Alumni consistently validate this claim both in their later university experiences and from the feedback we receive from our partner universities. With each graduating class, our students are able to reach consistent examination results, with outcomes over the IB world average. We offer in both the IGCSE as well as the IBDP an wide variety of subject offers with varying levels of ability, in order to meet the both the learning needs and ambitions of our students.

Pathways to success are found along the trajectory of our school program and each phase succinctly prepares students for all subsequent demands and expectations. In doing so, we prepare our students for success at each stage and in essence, prepare them for successful educational attainment at its core. Our school schedule, curriculum, assessment, support structures, as well as our overall school educational philosophy, are built around the expectations required to succeed in a modern, international school program.

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