Students and teacher during a lesson on school yard

Our Mission

“Berlin Metropolitan School consistently aims to build an inclusive culture of learning that inspires and challenges every individual to develop to their full potential and become active and responsible participants in our global society.”

Our mission statement is the essence of Berlin Metropolitan School: a clear commitment to a strong school ethos that places value on togetherness, team spirit, respect, and one which motivates every individual to push their own personal boundaries and grow beyond them. The balance between supporting and challenging our students, as well as between academic excellence and balanced character development, is therefore very important to us.

We involve our students, parents, families, and teachers in the learning and developmental process to ensure that they play an integral and active role. Our goal is to motivate our school community, change perspectives, face ideas with an open mind, and cultivate an engaging and active exchange in our shared culture.

As an international school, we feel responsible not only for our students and their families, but also want to make a positive contribution to both our local and global world. We extend this feeling of taking personal responsibility to our actions, in order to use meanginful engagement as the central motivating force for our institution´s long-term success.