Contract & Tuition

Contract and Tuition

School Contracts and Fees
BMS contracts are ongoing, extended for one year automatically (August 1 to July 31) unless the contract is cancelled in writing, 3 months in advance. To support our international families, we have the option of putting the contract on hold for the period of time spent abroad at the cost of a retainer fee. To accommodate a sudden or unexpected move away from Berlin, we can reduce the period of notice to one month, taking effect at the end of the respective month. The school fees at BMS are published annually on the BMS website. School fees consist of:

  • The school fees are income-based and are calculated based on the sum of all positive income. 
  • School fees are paid monthly using direct debit authorization. 
  • Sibling tuition reduction is calculated using the most current school tuition structure. 
  • Families who require financial support, can apply for financial aid. In cases where family income has a sudden and unexpected change or in the event of a family emergency, BMS will support families with individual and case-specific solutions.

Admission Fee 
BMS charges a one-time fee for admission to BMS. The fee is due once the school contract is signed and completed. If your child attends our Early Learning Center, the admission fee is due upon entry to Primary School in Grade 1.

Day Care and Kindergarten Vouchers
For students enrolled in our Early Learning Center, parents are requested to apply to their local district Youth Welfare Office for a kindergarten voucher and submit to BMS upon receipt. Application forms and a list of Youth Welfare Offices can be found here. For students in Grades 1-6, parents are requested to apply to their local district Youth Welfare Office for the Hort Gutschein. Please select care from 1:30pm to 6:00 pm on the voucher and submit to BMS upon receipt.  

Analog Media Fee
BMS charges an annual fee for the provision of analog teaching materials. The funds are used to provide students with books/specialist texts, lesson materials, and equipment in their classrooms, specialist rooms (music, art, science labs, etc.) and libraries. The analog media fee is payable in October each year.

Digital Media Fee 
BMS charges an annual fee for the provision of a digital infrastructure for all students. This includes teaching materials such as smart boards, computers (iMacs, MacBooks, iPads), printers and the relevant network infrastructure. In addition, BMS provides students with various digital materials in the form of educational software (software and apps), access to research, software subscriptions, teaching portals, and library software. The digital media fee is payable in February each year.

School Lunches
Lunch fees for our students in Early Learning is deducted as a monthly payment of 23 Euros. In the Early Learning Center, meals are provided in the relevant group rooms and includes fruit for breakfast, a warm lunch, and an afternoon snack. Lunch for Primary and Secondary students is provided in the school’s own cafeteria and includes a warm meal with a choice between two to three dishes, a salad bar, and an unlimited selection of fresh fruits. Lunch for students in our Primary School is free of charge. Students in our Secondary School who particpate in our lunch program, must finalize a separate contract with our catering company, Dussmann. The school lunch fee for Secondary students is 5.10 Euros per day and is paid directly to Dussmann. 

Class Trips and External Examinations
The fees associated with class trips and external IGCSE and IBDP exams are not covered by the school fees. Parents are notified of any such costs and invoiced separately. Exam fees are charged by the respective authorities (International Baccalaureate Organisation and the Cambridge Exam Centre) and passed on directly to the parents. Class trips are invoiced separately as an all-inclusive, one-time fee.

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