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University & Career Counseling

We seek to offer our students the best preparation for university pursuits, based on highly individualized and tailored advice for both students and families. Our success as an institution is directly related to the long-term success of our students and our commitment to this endeavor can best be seen in the 98% average acceptance rate our students consistently achieve in obtaining entrance to their first or second university choice.

Through individual meetings with students, workshops, and a series of special events, we support our students through the process of choosing both study programs at international or national universities. With guidance from a full-time counselor, our students are coached on subject choices for university entry and future career pathways within the IGCSE years (Grades 9-10) as well as during the IBDP years (Grades 11-12), with a high degree of focus on entry into the International Baccalaureate Program and the university admissions process during Grade 11 and 12.


In Grade 9, we support our students 1-1, with a highly personalized and tailored program to coach our students in selecting subjects that offer them the most flexibility and success for their initial university choices and future career aspirations both in Germany and abroad. With the start of Grade 11, we support the complex university application process from start to finish, by assisting with writing letters of intent, meeting deadlines, and helping in the coordination of admissions testing where needed. We seek to match the student´s interests, aspirations, needs, and academic ability to the best suited course of study for life after BMS Secondary. 


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Dejana Petricic, University & Career Counselor

Dejana Petricic, University & Career Counselor

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