An important part of our work is the communication with our parent community. We strive to create an open atmosphere of exchange and to provide a strong sense of collaboration, enabling BMS parents to be actively engaged in the education of their children. We use various channels to communicate about learning achievement across the school, both on an informal and formal basis. Our teachers are responsible for maintaining communication with parents and involving them in the feedback process.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We offer parents the opportunity to speak with teacheres directly on learning goals and achievements twice a year. These conferences serve as a time to express their concern, pose questions on our school program, and discuss goals for their children. Teachers in turn are able to provide critical feedback form the classroom, provide helpful comments on the social and emotional growth of our students, show student work, and speak about ways to support learning. Parent-Teacher conferences take place at the beginning of the academic year and at the start of Semester 2.

Report Cards

All students from Grade 1-Grade 12 receive a BMS Report Card twice a school year. The report provides both student and parents with a detailed overview of the subject and an assessment of learning goals, as well as direct feedback from the classroom teacher and specialist teachers. The report card shows a holistic overview of both academic achievement and character development.

Student-Led Conferences

A central facet of our school program is empowering our students to direct their own learning, giving them the ability to reflect on their individual learning journey and to celebrate their own success. Our student-led conferences provide our students with the opportunity to showcase their learning achievements directly with their parents. Once a year, our students take the lead to direct the reflection cycle together with their parents.

In addition to the conferences outlined above, we also offer our parents the option to make individual appointments with our team. We employ an open-door culture to support an open exchange between parents, students, and school

Our teachers provide regular updates from the classroom and our leadership team sends weekly newsletters updating our school community.

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