We believe that a trusted collaboration between students, parents, and teachers has a positive impact on student learning. Critical aspects of this collaboration include transparency, commitment, and expectation management, which in turn allow us to provide consistent and meaningful feedback on academic achievement. Reporting on academic achievement takes on various forms and functions in BMS Secondary. 

Both formative and summative assessments are communicated in the BMS Report Card, in addition to indicators in the form of comments and effort grades. The latter allows parents to understand the attainment level of essential skills for the specific subject area and give parents insight into classroom learning dynamics.

Parent-Teacher conferences are another channel of reporting used at BMS in a formal setting each semester. Each parent has the opportunity to meet with their child´s specific subject teacher and discuss learning goals, outcomes, and behavioral issues they may have. We encourage all parents to use this exchange proactively, to discuss specific academic attainment examples for both formative and summative assessment, and to draw on the expertise of our faculty to understand how assessment, monitoring, and reporting form the baseline of how we measure and support academic achievement.  Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions about formal grading and to have an exchange with teachers on how best to support their child at home. Tips and strategies are shared at these conferences which aids both parents and students in understanding how to improve. 

Reporting at BMS also takes the form of exchange between subject teachers, heads of grade, or tutors, in order to address academic concerns, social-emotional issues, or general questions about their child´s development.  Our goal is to provide a proactive and collaborative exchange between home and school, where a mutual understanding can be achieved on both academic attainment as well as how best to support our students for their individual learning needs.  

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