Projects & Activities

Projects & Activities

Our curriculum is based on interdisciplinary teaching and learning, placing our students in the center of inquiry-based learning journeys. Our Units of Inquiry act as the main framework for guiding our students through the process of posing central questions, making connections to prior knowledge, and investigating new ideas. Projects centered around these themes encompass the learning goals of multiple subjects across BMS Primary and integrate specific subject knowledge as well as skills-based learning.

By developing concept-based learning opportunities, Primary School projects are both practical and inspiring for our students. A practical approach ensures that our students achieve sustainable learning outcomes and allows them to put learning into action. By focusing on meaningful and relevant issues that transcend subject areas, our students can make connections beyond the classroom.

Our approach to purposeful inquiry also allows for experts to contribute to the learning process; scientists, authors, artists, and specialists from various areas of expertise visit our classrooms and contribute to the learning experience. We also enjoy working with our parents who regularly contribute with their experience and expertise.  

Our central location in the heart of Berlin offers our students a unique opportunity to extend their learning. Our students are often seen on field trips and excursions, to collect their research on location, test their thesis, or exchange ideas with experts in the field.

We are convinced that learning needs to be fun, that students should be actively involved in their learning, that meaningful and clearly articulated standards are used in the learning cycle, and that achievement should be valued and celebrated. Presentations and learning celebrations at the end of units are a cause for parents and fellow classmates to value the learning cycle. We regularly invite fellow classmates and parents to our classrooms to give our students the stage!