Assessment in the Secondary School is used as both a learning tool and an indicator of student achievement. It is an essential and integral part of our ethos of teaching and learning. BMS adopts an approach to assessment which supports the idea that students can be empowered by incorporating them into setting their own learning goals and reflects a belief that all students can improve.

To this end, BMS Secondary School implements two forms of assessment, one to gauge learning and inform best teaching practices and one to indicate the level of student achievement — formative and summative assessment. The assessments vary in form and function and are scaled to age and ability by the specific subject teacher.

Formative assessment denotes an activity or assessment task for learning. It forms part of the learning process, to provide both teachers and students insight into how the student is fairing with the unit goals. It enables teachers to incorporate important feedback into best teaching practices and address any areas where improvement is required before summative assessments take place.

In addition, formative assessments allow students to practice and apply the skills for specific unit goals. Summative assessment in the Secondary School can be described as an assessment of learning. It is used as a summary of an entire unit, assessing a student´s ability and understanding of the unit learning goals.

These assessments are set for each subject and each grade level, using common assessment criteria agreed upon by subject teachers within a department. Assessment at Berlin Metropolitan school seeks to provide students with meaningful engagement that fosters the learning and mastery of key content and skills before, after, and during learning.

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