Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

We see our responsibility as an institution of education to continuously observe societal changes around us and in turn, to adapt our school program accordingly. It is through this commitment to remaining highly adaptive, that we can be sure to address the reality our students will encounter after school and to provide them with every opportunity of preparation for this important step. The current changes in society have a direct influence on future job markets and on global employment as a whole. In order to provide our students with viable future opportunities, we based our guiding academic principles on these future challenges.

Educational Philosophy

International Mindedness and Global Engagement

International mindedness and global engagement at BMS are reflected in our respect and appreciation of diverse cultural beliefs, values, attitudes, and languages and our acceptance of the complexities that these present. We challenge one another to consider and negotiate our understandings of other views and ways of thinking as we develop as individuals and enrich our community. Openness to other perspectives is fostered at BMS through learning experiences, which inspire curiosity and empathy, and educators who role-model reflective thinking and debate. Our curriculum presents all learners with opportunities to engage in positive action based upon their knowledge of and compassion for our global society.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning based on the IB Principles

At BMS, teaching and learning challenges students to become engaged learners who are curious about the world around them, knowledgeable and skillful in pursuing their own inquiries and who take actions to bring about positive change. At the heart of our pedagogical approach is the process of inquiry (thinking, questioning, formulating, reflecting and taking action) which is inspired by teachers through meaningful provocations. Learning experiences are scaffolded to ensure that all students achieve ambitious learning outcomes. We believe that teaching and learning is a collaborative process in which all members of the BMS community are involved and is enriched by the diverse experiences of students and educators. Learning is driven by each person‘s desire to grow and succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Character Building

At BMS we recognize that character building is an ongoing process of individual growth. Character building is embedded in our school culture through the IB Learner Profile with all members of the BMS community seeking to exemplify attributes associated with strength of character. Growth happens as students learn to face challenges and adversity with resilience, strive to become mindful and self-aware, and develop those values that we promote as a school. This process involves being aware of and respecting differences between oneself and others. We believe that character building is encouraged and developed by presenting all members of our community with meaningful challenges, choices, opportunities, and explorations with an emphasis on reflection and revision of one’s thinking or approach.

Digital Citizenship

Each member of our BMS community acknowledges the rights and responsibilities that exist in digital spaces and understands that these enable us to provide service, leadership, and positive contributions to our digital community. We foster digital citizenship through a learning environment that cultivates digital literacy, media fluency, and safety & well-being in a digital world. Our actions role model safe and ethical practices and inspire students, staff, and parents to become responsible and curious digital citizens.

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