Hort & In-Class Program

Hort & In-Class Assistance

The Co-Curricula Educational Program (CCEP) at Berlin Metropolitan School provides students in Grades 1-6 with an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Our students can take part in a diverse club program, with 770 club spots and a vacation program during school holidays. Our team of 24 educators guide our students in the after school program, offer an engaging program each day after classes are over, and ensuring that our program develops in line with the interests of our students.

Our program complements our approach to a student-centered, holistic school program. In addition to a range of diverse clubs and courses, our team of CCEP educators act as a social and emotional support role to our students through the In-Class Assistance Program (ICA). By establishing a bond with students, our educators act as an integral part of our approach to support the social and emotional development of our students.

All Primary School students from Grade 1-6 can participate in the various afterschool activities and offers as part of the Hort program. They can participate in free play, take part in collaborative projects, join a club course, take individual music session, or become part of our BMS Team sports and attend national and international competitions. Regardless of what our students select after formal classes are over, our main goal is to ensure that students can enjoy an inspiring and creative environment-- one in which they can discover and further develop their passions and interests. In doing so, the afterschool program is an extension of our school program, namely, to ensure that each student can grow in both intellect and character.

Our after school program features partnerships with local clubs and institutions, providing both onsite and offsite opportunities for our students to pursue activities based on their interests with trusted coaches, teachers, and mentors.