The Berlin Metropolitan School offers K-12 students a modern, values-based school program. Our program seeks to teach both the necessary skills and knowledge for their future career and personal ambitions after school. Moreover, we offer our students support along their individual pathway of character building. To achieve these goals, Berlin Metropolitan School has developed a coherent school program von Kindergarten through to graduation in Grade 12.

Berlin Metropolitan School Framework

In order to integrate the local learning goals with the necessary international standards, our curriculum is a synthesis of the IBO Primary Years Programme as well as the Berlin Educational Program for our student from Kita through Preschool, as well as the Berlin Framework Curriculum for our students in Grades 1-6.

Beginning in Grade 7, we use the Cambridge Program as a basis for our curriculum, which is also mapped with the standards of the Berlin Framework Curriculum. In Grades 9-10, our students complete a rigorous academic program, ending in Grade 10 with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as well as the German Diploma, Mittleren Schulabschluss (MSA), providing our students with a school-leaving certificate for further vocational training or education in both Germany and abroad.

In Grades 11 and 12, we offer the IB International Diploma Programme (IBDP), culminating into an internationally recognized diploma in Grade 12.

The IB Diploma acts as an international passport, providing our students with the opportunity to pursue university studies either in Germany or internationally. In addition, our students can also obtain the High School Diploma in Grade 12.

Our university placement rate is a strong indicator of our academic success over the years. We are very proud that our students consistently achieve on average a 99% university acceptance rate.

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