Learning Environment

Learning Enviroment

A classroom should document the process of learning and provide both stimulus and inspiration to students. At the same time, the classroom should also provide a sense of security and safety. By offering our students an environment that is both open and positive, focused learning is able to unfold, and creative thinking can flourish. To this end, our classrooms play an important role in learning, as their design and function have a large influence on how students learn and how they develop as individuals. At BMS, we refer to this concept as a Learning Ecosystem that needs to be consistently cared for and adapted to meet student needs.

Our students play an active role in the design and arrangement of our school classrooms, as it is their space for learning and a space to make their work and progress visible to their teachers, community, and peers. The pride in seeing learning accomplishments on display, inspires our students to continue their development as learners. In turn, this often means that classrooms are empty at the start of a school year and become more vibrant as the students continue to learn.

Each classroom is equipped with a class library, a reading corner, and modern technology to facility learning in various forms. The classroom resources are complemented by the vast number of books and research tools in our Primary School library. Visits to the school library are a central part of the week´s schedule. Our school librarians work closely with teachers to support all planned projects with tools, research, and inspiration. They teach our students how to use the library and assist in the implementation of our literacy and writing program.

We use Apple devices such as iPads and Mac Books to provide our students with tools to express their creativity, train digital learning skills, and enrich our school program with learning apps, videos, and audio learning tools.

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