SDG Club

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Club

The members of the SDG Club are engaged students who meet weekly to discuss issues related to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and work together to organize projects to help solve these widespread issues on a local, national, as well as global level. In order to spread awareness and thereby influence impact, the club organizes panel talks, practical activities, discussions, and workshops.

With the vision to spread awareness that inspires action, the group regularly publishes articles on a wide range of global issues related to the SDG of the month which is published in a monthly newsletter created and edited by its founding members. Previous topics include the greenwashing of palm oil, COP27 and sustainable fashion. The club is dedicated to promoting awareness about the SDGs at BMS and in our global community.

The SDG Club mission is centered around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and mirrors the UN efforts to inform people about the individual SDGs, as well as drawing awareness to often underreported issues facing the world and relating them back to various SDGs in the process. The club´s mission is to promote action and change by advocating for the implementation of the UN SDGs and diverse sustainable solutions, in the hopes to both preserve and improve the world, both for people today and for future generations.