Working at BMS

Working at BMS

BMS is an international school committed to growth and development and actively seeks out motivated and dedicated colleagues to support this mission. We look for colleagues who bring with them the necessary expertise and professional experience, in addition to important personal qualities that strengthen our team. These qualities include the ability to bring enthusiasm and passion to the work, to understand the unique role staff play in becoming a trusted mentor to our students, and are committed to both their own development as well as the character and intellectual development of our students.  

Applicants who would like to actively enrich our culture and are willing to show initiative in developing our school further, are encouraged to apply. Our international faculty members, educators, and colleagues in our administration, welcome new colleagues to the team and actively support their integration into the BMS community.

Our goal is to offer an environment where we can actively manage expectations, support our staff to achieve their full potential, and to cultivate an environment where each employee can achieve their very best. We seek to be a dedicated partner, making necessary changes, and celebrating our success as a unified team. Our school community is very important to us, and we consistently endeavor to create initiatives and offers that cultivate a team approach and one that supports a strong sense of belonging. As a community, we respect the dignity and equality of all individuals, groups, and cultures in all our interactions and act upon any form of prejudice or discrimination in the school community. We believe that well-being is an important prerequisite which is why we aim to create a workplace culture where all employees consider well-being important and where health and well-being management are fully integrated into our professional practices.

If you would like to join our team, please find our current openings below. Should you not find any positions which match your profile, please feel free to send us your CV. We welcome all applicants!

As a school committed to teaching and learning in all forms, we also actively hire interns throughout the school year. Should you be interested in applying for an internship, please send us your CV and cover letter.

Our current employment opportunities can be found on our application and recruitment site, Schrole.