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University and Career Counseling

University and Career Counseling

University and Career Counseling
At Berlin Metropolitan School  we seek to offer our students the best preparation for university and vocational pursuits, based on highly personalized and experienced advice for both students and families. Through individual meetings with students, workshops, and a series of special events, we support our students through the process of choosing both study programs at international or national universities as well as the selection vocational pursuits of their specific interest and ability.

With support from a full-time counselor, our students are coached on subject choices for university entry within the IGCSE years (Grades 9-10) as well as during the IBDP years (Grades 11-12), with a high degree of focus on entry into the International Baccalaureate Program and the university admissions process during Grade 11 and 12.

University Admissions Support
We support our students one-to-one in Grade 11 to choose subjects that offer them the most flexibility and success for their initial university choices both in Germany and abroad. We also hold informational events for our parent community to outline specific selection criteria so that they too can make the best choices for their child and be included meaningfully in the application process. To best meet these goals, we host a variety of university representatives from across the globe throughout the academic year to speak with our students directly and to outline their university's mission and culture. Our goal is to empower our students to take ownership of their applications process, in order to not only have many options to choose from but also to feel as if they have succeeded in designing their own future.

We seek to match the student's interest, aspirations, needs, and academic ability to the best suited course of life and study after Secondary school. We also support our students during the entire application process, by assisting with writing letters of intent, meeting deadlines, and helping in the coordination of admissions testing where needed.

In addition, students are provided with advice and recommendations on the best-suited summer programs (link summer program prep document) to prepare for university as well as advice on developing key study skills (link study skills document) in the senior secondary years so as to provide a smooth transition to university academics.

Vocational training within the secondary years is also a main area of focus, with support provided to our students already in Grade 9 when choosing their first internship placement in Berlin or throughout Germany. With the assistance of our university and career counselor, students choose an institution or business to complete a six-week internship, compiling key practical skills in a field of their choice and testing potential areas of career focus.

With the first vocational experiences collected, students can then gauge their International Baccalaureate Diploma Program subject selection with more confidence but also have greater ability in choosing Creativity Action and Service (CAS) (link CAS) activities as part of their Core IB Diploma requirement. BMS students also seek out the experience of our university and career counselor for tailored advice on seeking admissions to business training programs, business schools, and direct placement programs in a business either in Germany or at an international firm. As a whole, vocational pursuits are met with personalized support from our counselor so that our students continue to flourish and succeed beyond their years at Berlin Metropolitan School.

University Placements
Members of the Class of 2019 were admitted to universities both in Germany and across the globe, with programs of study ranging from medicine, international relations, international law, to economics, computer sciences, and design. 83% of our students were accepted to the university placement of their first or second choice from the Class of 2019. These university choices reflect the commitment to a student-centered approach to learning both within BMS and for life beyond Secondary school.