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Welcome to Berlin Metropolitan School! We are delighted that our school lives up to your expectations of a modern education and that you are planning to register your child at BMS. As your BMS admissions team, we look forward to getting to know you and your child and accompanying you throughout the admissions process.

As an international school, we have rolling admissions throughout the year as vacancies occur, so please feel free to fill out an application form and submit it together with your child’s school records at any time. The application documents enable us to assess the availability of a spot for your child in the appropriate age group, for the entry date or period of time required.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt when we have your application and as soon as possible we will provide you with information regarding availability. Should you have any questions regarding our program, we invite you to set aside some time to familiarize yourself with our website and our publications as many of the answers to our FAQs can be found there. 

Please familiarize yourself with our admissions process, as explained in detail on the following pages.We look forward to speaking with you!