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Camps & Excursions

Camps & Excursions

Class trips are an integral part of our educational program at the Berlin Metropolitan School as they give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of specific curricula themes, provide new perspectives and give students the chance to meet new and interesting people.

In addition, class trips offer the opportunity to practice key skills such as teamwork and project management. To this end, we have designed a balanced program that both encourages and challenges students to push their boundaries and to solidify learning for both social and academic themes.

Class excursions are also a central force in our school ethos and seek to extend learning beyond the classrooms. Participation in the diverse arts, cultural, and historical opportunities within Berlin is a leading inspiration for our students and teachers. Each year students from Grade 7-12 take part in literature readings, theatre visits, visits to the many historical sites throughout Berlin, and participation in local academic and social seminars.

Through meaningful engagement outside of the classroom and as an extension of our school curriculum, we enable students to make direct connections with their learning in an exciting and fun way.