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Daily Routines

Daily Routines

It is important for children of all ages to have reliable routines and to be actively integrated into the day’s schedule. To this end, we follow clear, simple structures in the Primary School in order to provide consistent orientation for students and to ensure the daily learning activities can be fully supported. 

Our regular school hours are from 8:20 am to 3:00 pm (Grades 1&2) / 3:30pm (Grades 3-6). During this time period learning activities, programs, and excursions take place. Each class starts the day with a morning circle routine.  The morning circle is an important part of our students’ day that gives time for the group to come together and speak about their current projects, review what they have learned as well as offer a safe place and opportunity for students to share their feelings, ideas, and hopes with one another. 

As a restorative practice school, we also use the morning circle to talk about conflict resolution and give students a feeling of security and belonging in the class and school community.

After morning circle each day, each class follows an individual timetable which includes homeroom class time where daily inquiry-based project work takes place including English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies learning. Each class also takes part in specialist taught lessons throughout the week including German, Music, Art, Drama and Physical Education.

All students have a 30 minute break for snack and outdoor play in the courtyard. Between 11.30-1:00 pm all students eat their lunch in our cafeteria with their classmates. After a 20-30 minute lunch break all students spend an additional 30-40 minutes with their friends in the courtyard for outdoor play.

At 3:00pm (Grades 1 &2) or 3:30pm (Grades 3-6) school lessons conclude and our students prepare for their afternoon in our after school program which includes various clubs, projects and activities for our students or simply offers time and space to play with friends.