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Transition to Primary School

Transition to Primary School

The transition to primary school is a major, important step for our preschoolers. So that it is successful and feels as natural as possible, our teachers provide the perfect preparation for students and parents alike. The basis for this is the consistency of our school program, whereby our teaching methods and structure remain the same from kindergarten through to the end of fifth grade.

The type of learning, working with a portfolio, and project work is already familiar to our students from preschool. In addition, they already have a solid foundation of knowledge that is focused on the transition to primary school and which they can then develop further. We start actively preparing our students for the transition every May and give them a variety of insights in to primary school life.

Primary school students regularly read to the preschoolers and present the results of their project work, preschoolers visit the first-grade classrooms and take part in project days and assemblies. This facilitates a regular dialogue that increases our preschoolers’ enthusiasm for the next step in their development. The program is accompanied by teacher-parent communication that is initially set up by the preschool teachers.

This includes consultations for the parents with regard to their child’s development. Our Primary School team welcomes the new parents with various information events in order to provide them with all the information they need with regard to their child’s enrollment at Primary School.  In addition, the curriculum and parent handbooks provide an in-depth insight into the world of BMS Primary School.