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The BMS Secondary school library is the heart of shaping and cultivating our student´s natural curiosity for learning and researching. The space provides our students with the opportunity and tools to guide their own learning, extend their initial inspiration for learning, and most of all, to allow our students to teach themselves the research process as a fundamental cornerstone of learning.

The space allows both individual and collaborative research to unfold, with the guidance of our qualified research librarian and our faculty. Research skills and information literacy skills are at the heart of the library’s mission and with over 3,000 books, numerous subscriptions to online and print publication, and with a plethora of web-based resources and tools, our library offer students the tools to develop and master those skills.

Technology integration into the curriculum is an integral part of our 21st century ethos of learning and as such, our library houses our mac books and ipads for library use or for classroom use, depending on the research objective. Our librarian offers subject guides and research tools to guide the research process with our technology, so as to form a collaborative approach to research between the classroom and the library and to ensure that our teaching and learning is enhanced by technology and not replacing it.

In addition to a dedication to teach and master the research method as an independent learner, our library seeks to foster the love of reading in its most comprehensive and basic form. Our librarian features many different reading-based activities such as “blind book dates” or “meet the author” opportunities.