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Admissions Process Secondary School

Admissions Process Secondary School

At BMS we accept applications for new students in all age groups throughout the year. BMS is fortunate enough to be in high demand due to the quality of the program we offer, which unfortunately means we are unable to provide a spot for every family applying. As an international community in a global world, spots become available as families have to move on. We allocate these places in accordance with our admissions criteria.

Step 1: Enrollment
If you’re interested in our school and plan to enroll your child at BMS, we kindly ask that you complete an application form and e-mail it to us at admissionsmetropolitanschoolcom. Please submit your child’s last two school reports together with the application form. Please enclose your own translation of school reports that have been written in a language other than English or German and an explanation of any grades included in the report. For applications to grades 9-12, it is helpful if you can send some information about your child’s current curriculum.

Step 2: Meeting and School Tour
If we have a vacancy and your child meets the admissions criteria, we’ll invite you to come for a meeting and a tour of the school. It is as important to us that you obtain an in-depth look at our school and the curricula, as it is for us to get to know you and your child better.

Please plan in approximately 60 minutes for the meeting and school tour. We ask you to bring along to the meeting all of the relevant documentation pertaining to your child’s school career, including any medical records, learning assessments and diagnoses, so that we can best assess and support. If you are unable to come to school in person, we are happy to set up a Skype interview with you.

Step 3: Trial Day and Entrance Test
If it can be arranged, secondary students should attend BMS for a trial day. We use this day to get to know your child better and to assess his or her ability in the context of the curriculum we offer. Your child also has the opportunity to get to know our school better and to take an active role in the selection of the school. We test the academic ability of all students using standardized tests in English and Maths. These tests are often completed in advance of the trial day, in cooperation with the child´s current school.

Step 4: Decision
On completion of the admissions steps, we will let you know whether or not we are able to offer your child a place at Berlin Metropolitan School. If we offer your child a spot and you accept, we will draw up a contract and send it to you, to be signed and returned by the date specified, together with a copy of your child’s birth certificate and your latest tax return.


Virtual Open House
Due to the current situation, BMS has transformed our annual Open House into a Virtual Open House. Our principals and their teams look forward to welcoming you for live sessions on MSTeams. Book your session to learn more about our school, our program, and our values. Please find here registration details for our Early Learning Center, our Primary School and our Secondary School sessions.