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Camps & Excursions

Camps & Excursions

We use every opportunity to inspire our students outside the classroom. Berlin is a fantastic playground for our work because it offers so many varied attractions in such close proximity.

Our school’s location is extremely close to the Museum Island, and with the world-renowned gallery quarter in the Berlin suburb of Mitte on our doorstep, along with a unique range of theaters, museums, and scientific institutes, the possibilities are endless in terms of actively involving our students in our community. 

In addition to school excursions that support our curriculum and take place during the school day, we also offer our students a class trip once a year starting in 3rd Grade.

All the classes from a common grade level go on a trip together in order to facilitate friendships across the grade level and beyond the classroom. All class trips take place for a duration of five days and include destinations within the proximity of Berlin, reachable by bus. Often, our primary school students enjoy the bus trip to the outside of the city as much as the trip activities themselves. For each trip, we set a specific area of focus appropriate to the age group in question. The program is designed by our teaching staff to reflect academic targets and support the development of social-emotional skills.  

Class trips are a great opportunity for students and teachers to get to know one another outside of the classroom and to develop a lasting sense of community.