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Establishing a highly motivated team of well-educated, internationally experienced, and open-minded teachers is one of our most important tasks.

200 staff from 18 countries are currently working enthusiastically to implement a challenging program each and every day, in order meet academic targets that go far beyond merely teaching educational content.

Our staff endeavors to appreciate each student as an individual and to support and challenge them based on their abilities, aptitude, and potential. At the same time, every member of our staff strives to create a warm, open and inspiring school environment, in which each individual student feels a sense of belonging.

We believe that these two aspects – an ambitious program and an exciting learning environment – represent the best education and are also the criteria used when selecting suitable candidates to join BMS. 

The BMS team sees itself as a learning community in which each individual feels a sense of responsibility to develop further, to offer new ideas, analyze content critically, continually improve their performance, and to share best practices with their colleagues. 

We are proud of our team and the culture of mutual respect, dialogue, and cooperation. Our culture both promotes and inspires our colleagues to reach their full potential as member of our staff and as an individual.