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Student Support

Student Support

At BMS, we are of the opinion that we cannot expect every child to learn at the same pace or in the same way as the others. As such,  it is important to provide the right support for each individual child. Not providing a sufficiently challenging environment can be just as damaging as one that is too challenging. To this end, we take into account the academic level of each student in order to support and challenge learning in the best way possible.

Language learning is a central tenet of our curriculum is also a prerequisite for learning success at our school. We  have a team of qualified specialists who support our students in learning both the German and English language. The teams for both “German as a Foreign Language” and “English as a Foreign Language” work closely with the class teachers and families in order enable all students to actively and successfully participate in our school program. 

Individual support to suit the potential of each student is carried out through internal differentiation. This is a teaching method employed by our teachers whereby the curriculum is tailored to each individual child or to a small groups of students in order to construct an inclusive learning environment. The central aim is to adapt the curriculum to the different learning types and levels found in our study body.

To support students who have various learning deficits, we work closely with external experts. These efforts are coordinated by individual learning plans tailored by our Student Support team and our teachers.