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Primary School

Primary School

Our complete school program from kindergarten to twelfth grade aims to provide our students with continuity in terms of values, content, and teaching methods. To this end, we implement our program from the kindergarten level and support our students during the transition through all curriculum programs. The basis of our school program at the primary level is the curriculum from the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and the framework curriculum of the Berlin state.

Our BMS school curriculum is based on both of these curricula, guided on one hand by international methods and standards, and on the other by the content and learning targets of the local curriculum of the Berlin State. Our students not only learn in German and English at a native-speaker level but also receive the best national and international qualifications for their future career either in Germany or abroad.

Our students’ joy of learning and self-motivation are the heart of our school program. We are of the opinion that all children have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn. Each child therefore has the right to receive an inspiring, respectful and modern education that suits his or her personality.

We use the intrinsic motivation of our students in order channel interest and attention to topics that are relevant to their further personal and academic development.  We seek to accommodate every student’s strengths and weaknesses, talents and interests, and to tailor our curriculum to their individual needs. We build on the foundations laid in preschool and maintain the joy of learning developed at that stage in order to implement our academically demanding and complex school program. 

In our Primary School, students from first to fifth grade learn in homogeneous age groups with an average of 22 to 24 children per class. Each grade level comprises four classes, so that each year group includes 90 children. Each class is taught by a native speaker of English, who also teaches the subjects of English and Math, along with the relevant research projects. The teacher is supported by subject-specific teachers, who are either German or English native speakers and teach the subjects German, Sports, Art, Drama, and Music. This teaching team is responsible for relaying the age-appropriate skills, abilities, and content and are a trusted person for any student to turn to.