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Camps & Excursions

Camps & Excursions

We use every opportunity to inspire our students outside the classroom. Berlin is a fantastic playground for our work because it offers so many varied attractions in such close proximity.

Our school’s location is extremely close to the Museum Island, and with the world-renowned gallery quarter in the Berlin suburb of Mitte on our doorstep, along with the large number of parks, playgrounds, and outdoor play opportunities in the city around us, the possibilities are endless in terms of our work.

We hold regular excursions to the Bode Museum, the Egyptian Museum, the children’s Mach-mit-Museum, the Technology Museum, the Communication Museum, the Labyrinth Museum, and the Museum of Musical Instruments. We also visit theaters and galleries and attend readings with our students.

In addition, we offer extra-curricular sports activities for our older students. Our preschoolers are given regular opportunities to sign up for lessons in a variety of activities such as in-line or ice-skating, WooZen, or Yoga.

The ELC groups regularly visit local parks and playgrounds, such as the Volkspark Friedrichshain and Grunewald, where we spend the day exploring, playing and relaxing. Our preschoolers love visiting the Germendorf leisure park with their classmates each summer before the holidays begin, as it is a nice way to spend a last afternoon together as early learning students.