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Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

The key methods that shape teaching at BMS are:

  • Research-led, interdisciplinary learning within projects
  • Student-centered communication of teaching content
  • Teaching focused on training skills and abilities
  • Internal differentiation

These four methods define the teaching at our school and are the basis for our students’ education success. These areas of focus are derived from our mission statement at the programs that are at the heart of our curriculum.

The curriculum is based on the IBO’s Primary Years Programme (PYP), which provides the framework for the interdisciplinary research-led teaching approach.

This methodical approach invariably leads to student-centered teaching because students are actively integrated into shaping their projects.

The research-driven teaching approach is naturally derived from training the skills and abilities that facilitate learning about effective research, sorting and structuring content, presenting results, reflecting upon work submitted, assessing the student’s own work and the work of others, and working as part of a team, to name but a few.

The program enables us to work in a way defined by internal differentiation. Internal differentiation means that we assume there are different learning personalities in one classroom and still have to try to communicate the content in a way that suits each student’s level and learning personality.