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Learning Community

Learning Community

School is a place with a high level of change, where lots of different requirements, hopes, and targets meet – not to mention fears, worries, and doubts. This is also influenced to an even higher degree as a result of the different cultures and backgrounds of our international school community.

At the same time, it is the school’s aim to satisfy the needs of every child and support each student in achieving his or her potential. In acknowledgment of this dynamism and aim, we integrate our entire school community into the learning process and enable everyone to take part in our program and benefit from it. Students, the school, and the parents should trust one another, share mutual values, and be working towards the same goals.

For this reason, we offer our staff and parents alike plenty of opportunities for training and dialogue so that everyone has the chance to grow, draw on new knowledge, and learn from one another in order to provide the best educational environment for our students and to be an effective partner to them.

The concept of a “learning community” is tangible at BMS and has become a cultural value of its own for our school. This joint development creates respect and trust – trust in the child, trust in his or her preparation for an independent, free life, in the teachers responsible, in the families and in the institution that plays such a significant role in shaping the personal development of all those involved. School is much more than just the communication of teaching content, and that is why we try to tap into these extra attributes to the benefit of our school community.