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The years between three and six are an important time in the development of our students and we use this time to promote their curiosity, guide their interests, and discover their talents. To this end, we have designed a program that enables us to use this important window of opportunity for each of our students. The program provides the necessary flexibility in order to give each student the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential.

The Early Years school program is based on a curriculum alignment of the Berlin Education Program and the Primary Years Programme. With this program, we aim to develop a strong academic foundation for our students. The students and their development, along with the resulting requirements and educational standards, are the focus of our work.

Our teachers are always on hand to provide support and strive to offer our students with an exciting learning environment that allows student-led, purposeful inquiry to flourish.

It is important to us that we integrate the interests and cultures of our students into the learning activities, in order to create an atmosphere anchored in both student interests and budding curiosity.

Our work with the students is structured into projects, based on a set curriculum. Subject areas such as Math, German, English, Art, and Sports are integrated into the project work depending on the project┬┤s scope. The learning objectives of each specific area are also articulated in our curriculum.

This interdisciplinary and hands-on approach makes it possible to reach all students and to inspire them to have an active role in their learning. One our our primary goals in both the Primary and Early Years is to instill an active awareness in our students. This awareness is the basis for coming to view learning as an obvious, positive, and exciting part of their lives and overall development.