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Shared experiences and school traditions make for a tight-knit community. BMS is a strong community that comes together regularly to practice these school traditions and further develop together.

Our school calendar offers many such opportunities for our students and their families.

At the beginning of each school year, we focus on the onboarding of our new BMS families as well as a successful start for our students. The latter takes place in many different forms in the first few weeks of school, with information evenings held for our parents and many different community events. The International Day of Peace is the opening event for a series of activities throughout the year, that allow us to strengthen our school community, increase awareness of global events of significance, and enable us to discuss important themes as one community. 

In October of each year, we present our school program to the Berlin community and invite interested families and friends to discover BMS through activities and presentations. Open House also allows our current famillies to hear about our school program in detail and moreover, to discover the school program in other grades. 

December brings with it many different performances and mjsicl productions as a dynamic closing to the year. In January, our parent organization, Friends of BMS, hosts the annual New Year┬┤s Reception, welcoming BMS parents from K-12.

A series of community events mark the months of April and June, beginning with the school-wide Art Show, which allows our community to see our dynamic Art Program from K-12, the PYP Exhibition in Grade 6 concluding their time as Primary school students, as well as International Day, organized by a engaging team of parents, celebrating international mindedness and diversity at BMS. 

To end the academic year, we celebrate our traditional Sports Day, where students from all school sections compete through games and activities to see who will win the BMS House Cup. As a final closing of the academic year, our community of parents, students, and staff come together to celebrate our BMS Summer Fair with games, music, and community spirit. 

These traditions form the framework of our school calendar and offer numeorus opportunities to experience and engage with our school community. In addition, there are numerous information evenings, House Events, School Competitions and much more, where we come together as one BMS community. Join us and celebrate our school spirit!