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All of our students enjoy a warm meal in our school cafeteria at lunch time. In order to be able to guarantee high quality nourishment for our students consistently, we work with the Dussmann catering company. Dussmann is a certified company with high quality standards that has the flexibility to accommodate our unique requirements.

Together with Dussmann, we have prepared criteria for lunch provisions in order to guarantee that we can be consistent with our international school community, as well as comply with religious and medical requirements. We have banned sweet desserts and instead offer our students a varied fruit buffet which they can help themselves to.

Our lunch program is diverse and dynamic and includes primary fish or poultry as our main course serving. In addition, we offer our students the option of creating a fresh salad each day from our salad bar.

As at every school, school lunches are a hot topic for us, too, and therefore constantly on the agenda of our Student Council. Dussmann supports these efforts and works closely with our student representatives to adapt to our students’ wishes. In addition, we conduct regular tasting sessions with our parent representatives in order to ensure that we are also reaching their expectations. Our cafeteria is a bright, inviting environment and a central part of our school life.