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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

We are a school with a deep commitment to the further development of our institution. This commitment is reflected in the high standards we set for students and staff members alike.

Our aim is to continuously develop the school in areas of strategic growth and direction-setting. In order to analyze what the appropriate measures are, and which topics are priorities, the BMS Advisory Board, with the support of and in collaboration with ecis (Educational Collaborative for International Schools), created a strategic plan that covers all aspects of school life and school development. In order to best fulfill the needs of our community, all stakeholders were involved in both the creation and development of the strategic plan. 

As part of a twelve-month process, surveys were conducted throughout the school to gauge the opinions of parents, students, and employees regarding school quality, awareness, and satisfaction. In addition, surveys and individual interviews were conducted with representatives from stakeholder groups.

As a result, the following seven topics were identified as priority topics for BMS and will serve as a framework for the BMS strategic plan from now on.

  • BMS supports students according to their individual capabilities to become global citizens who take responsibility in shaping their collective society. BMS fosters student growth in an international environment.
  • BMS provides an excellent infrastructure and learning environment.
  • BMS operates efficiently (resources, structures, and processes).
  • BMS attracts the best students and staff.
  • BMS ensures an inclusive culture of learning.
  • BMS values and encourages parent contribution.
  • BMS contributes to societal improvement both globally and locally.

We defined strategic targets for each topic area to be achieved by 2018. It is on this basis that we organize our operational activities. The development and implementation of these targets will be checked with the help of a school-wide audit every two years.

The task of the Advisory Board is to track the comprehensive development of the school and report progress to the parent community periodically throughout the year.