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Our Values

Our Values

As an IB World School, our aim is to educate strong, motivated, creative, and considerate individuals who use their potential to positively contribute to the development of our society.

The IBO Learner Profile motivates students, teachers, parents, and the school to:

  • Strive for understanding, make judgments based on the knowledge they have in order to explore concepts that have a global significance.
  • Apply analytical skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems and make reasoned, ethical decisions.
  • Express their ideas and approaches to problems in various forms and in a variety of ways, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others in order to help find a common solution.
  • Act with integrity and honesty, as well as fairness, respect, and justice, and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Understand and appreciate their own cultures, be open and respectful of other perspectives, values, and traditions. 
  • Show empathy, compassion, and respect towards the needs and feelings of others, make a personal commitment to taking on new challenges, expanding into new directions, and pursuing aims with ambition and drive. 
  • Lead a balanced life and help others to achieve balance in their own lives, to think critically about their own actions, and develop an awareness for their own strengths and weaknesses.