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Berlin Metropolitan School is the oldest and largest international school in Berlin Mitte. BMS enjoys a very interesting past and, more importantly, a promising future.

BMS was founded as a private school in the former East of the city in 2004. In its early years, the school was housed in various spaces in the area between Schönhauser Allee and Friedrichstrasse. In summer 2006, BMS moved into the building where the “Mosaik” school in the block between Torstrasse and Linienstrasse was formerly located. At that time, 60 children were enrolled at BMS. At the end of 2006, BMS changed hands in close partnership with the parent initiative. The school’s profile changed from being a bilingual school, which promoted gifted and talented students, to becoming an integrated Secondary School with an international IB profile. In the same year, BMS was prepared for the authorization to become an IB World School. After lengthy negotiations with the Berlin state government, the BMS school grounds and buildings were acquired by the school. In 2009, the management structure of the school was expanded. Silke Friedrich has been the Executive Director since 2007.

The school currently has a student population of 1,000 students, comprised of 52 different nationalities. The students are taught and supported by an international team of 200 teachers and educators.

BMS is a member of AGIS (Association of German International Schools) and ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools). Berlin Metropolitan School has been an authorized Cambridge University Exam Center since 2009. During the 2010/2011 school year, BMS was granted the status of a state-recognized substitute school for the Primary section by the Berlin Senate.

Three years later the lower Secondary School was recognized as a substitute school and the upper Secondary School received the official status as a supplementary school. In the same year, Berlin Metropolitan School received the status of an authorized IB World School.

Founded in 2004 and reorganized in 2006, BMS is still a new institution. BMS is focused and geared towards shaping a new type of school at a time when both the quality and focus of public education are highly criticized. BMS consciously decided to use the best international curricula in order to implement modern teaching methods and an adapted program based on the latest international standards. At the same time, local standards have been integrated into the program in order that all international students and families can settle into their urban environment.

With a wide spectrum of international and national diplomas, all BMS students enjoy a maximum flexibility in deciding their future paths for vocational or university pursuits. When the school was founded, BMS made the conscious and strategic decision to allow organic school growth to unfold in order to ensure successful qualitative growth overall. This part of our organizational development successfully ended in 2016 with the first graduating class. Now our focus remains on the qualitative development of BMS as an institution and our school program as a whole. Our consistent and sustainable school growth has allowed BMS to become one of the most successful school start-ups in Germany. 

In the 2015/16 school year, we completed our organic school development and successfully graduated our first cohort of 44 IBDP students. With our accelerated and successful school growth, Berlin Metropolitan School now belongs to the top five largest international schools in Germany.