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About us

About us

BMS aims to be an effective partner for families and a faithful companion for our students during the course of their personal and academic development. BMS has therefore aligned itself to the needs of its students and families and in doing so, has created a modern and contemporary school curriculum.

In order to support our families in balancing professional fulfillment and family management, BMS offers a whole-day school program from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The afternoon program provides students with a range of opportunities to try out new activities in addition to the regular school program. In order to provide all students with a consistent and balanced education, BMS offers a continuous program to match the development of each student – from kindergarten until they graduate in grade 12.

This allows for individual encouragement, more familiarity and thereby the long-term support of all students. Thanks to the comprehensive preparation of all students, it also enables us to provide a seamless transition between the different stages of development. In order to support both German and international families with a modern school program, we have aligned the Berlin state curriculum with international curriculum standards.

As an IB World School, certified Cambridge Exam Center, and a state-recognized substitute school, BMS offers a broad program that incorporates the best German and international qualifications for our students. Once they leave school, our students have a large range of options for further education both in Germany and abroad.