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Vacation Program

Vacation Program

During school holidays and the summer break, our students enjoy a dynamic and enriching summer program for students of all ages. Our educators plan and implement a dynamic program for students based on student interest and current partnerships projects. Excursions, workshops, seminars, or free play are all part of our dedication to offering a wide range of activities even when classes are not in session.

In addition to local excursions, our students are offered optional trips to destinations outside of Berlin, throughout Germany, and for our Secondary students, within Europe.

These tailored trips offer students the ability to travel with their peers in small groups and enjoy specific theme-based trips like surfing in the south of Portugal or hiking and canoeing with friends near the Baltic Sea.

Under the tutelage of our trained educators, students are able to enjoy their vacation time with fellow classmates and strengthen the bonds of friendship in a non-academic but focused setting.