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In-Class Assistance Program

In-Class Assistance Program

Our after school educators fulfil a key role in our Primary Years Programme by providing additional support for academic and pastoral care issues. By acting as a key source of pedagogical support for our teachers and students, our educators assist with daily activities in the classroom, help our students navigate the academic demands of the school day, ease the transition between grades, and ensure that our students feel safe and inspired to learn each day.

Since its inception, the focus of the In-Class Assistance Program (ICP), has supported our Early Learning and Primary school students in successfully managing their school day: be it in completing an assessment, navigating bilingual learning, or simply learning how to handle social-emotional issues. Our educators support our commitment to a student-centered, holistic program of education.

Drawing on the expertise of our trained educators, our after school staff often help assist small groups of students who benefit from additional academic and pastoral support as nearly all of them are trained counselors and social workers.

When a need is identified for student support, our educators can assist students on an individual or group basis, helping our students to achieve both social and academic success within classroom dynamics and in their peer groups.

Our educators are a welcomed and familiar face in the classroom for students who can ask them questions outside the everyday instruction, assist them on class excursions throughout Berlin, and accompany them on class trips throughout the school year.

As a whole, our educators help our students succeed in academic and character development, mentoring their growth throughout the entirety of the Primary Years Programme and acting as a trusted partner in their overall development as an individual.