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Projects & Activities

Projects & Activities

In addition to clubs offered in the immediate after-school offers, Secondary school seeks out opportunities to form collaborations with local and national institutions. Each project has a direct link to our overall school program or pastoral care ethos and in essence, allows our students to implement their learning in a direct and tangible way. Our projects and activities assist our students to discover and exhibit learning as a direct results of our school program.

Activities for Secondary School students include cooperations within our after school program as well as an extension of projects planned directly from our faculty. Local institutions are an important part of our network and include the European School for Management and Technology (ESMT), an initiative specifically tailored for our secondary school students where advice on career and university initiatives from ESMT masters students takes places throughout the year.

In addition, cooperations take on a thematic form and include projects within our pastoral care curriculum, aimed at giving students a voice and responsibility for important themes in their own lives. One such initiative includes cooperation with the media and publishing firm Leo Burnett called the “Anti-Bullying Campaign” aimed at stopping bullying within school and moreover, focusing on identifying bullying in all of its forms.

Secondary activities also extend to invitations from businesses or private initiatives. Activities such as this include past cooperations with Microsoft, where students participated in an innovation enterprise seminar. In addition,project initiatives such as the installation of memorial stones on the school grounds for Family Ert are apart of our student project initiatives. Regardless of the projects, meaningful student engagement is our core goal.