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After School

After School

As an international all-day school, we recognize our responsibility to offer our Secondary School students an educational and recreational program every day to function as a complement to more formalized class time. The After School program as a whole provides our students with an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to both extend and enhance new knowledge in field of their interest.

As a central goal, the Co-Curricula Educational Program (CCEP) seeks to create additional educational options outside of the regular school program in order to foster individual talents and passions. To this end, our after school program offers clubs, projects and team sports.

Our students enjoy dance, music, Model United Nations club, robotics, and much more. The club program reflects the commitment in offering our Secondary students with a platform to explore areas of interest born out of their own passion but also from the courses and content they learn throughout the school day.

Our offers are published at the beginning of the year and reflect student interest as well as activities that supplement our curriculum. Many of our secondary teachers design and implement after-school clubs themselves, offering our students the chance to engage in topics of interest outside of normal classes from experts in the field.