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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At Berlin Metropolitan School, we recognize the need to care for the whole student beyond the purely academic needs and expectations of our students.

Together with our vertical house system, a school counselor, a head of learning support, heads of grade, and a Vice Principal for student engagement and well-being, we strive to support our students along their academic and social-emotional growth, creating an environment where students feel safe and encouraged to participate in the life of the school. Students take an active role in the pastoral care of our school by fulfilling leadership roles within the House System, such as House Captain, School Captain, Student Council, in addition to participating in numerous activities as a member of their respective house.

In tandem and with our learning support team, we support our students through academic, behavioral and emotional support.

Pastoral Care is also the heart of our aim in allowing our hidden curriculum to unfold and thus allowing our students to learn and internalize our school culture, at establishing their own set of beliefs and values, and moreover, to guide our students through the critical time period of adolescence.

The move to become a Restorative Practice School was a strategic decision. We are of the opinion that this method is the best instrument and practice to restore an open dialogue when needed and to maintain our school culture of mutual respect. Our teachers have been trained in the method and use this in their work with students from all age groups.