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Learning Environment

Learning Environment

At Berlin Metropolitan School, we understand our learning environment to be the complete physical, social and pedagogical atmosphere where both the formal and hidden curriculum can unfold. In the Secondary School, our classrooms and learning facilities are designed to foster student motivation and support learning in all of its multifaceted forms.

To this end, we offer modern learning spaces and facilities for our students and teachers, so that teaching and learning can have a direct practical application. Our two, fully-equipped science labs offer students from Grade 6-12 the opportunity to see experimental science in action. Our Secondary school library offers our students with a space to research learning objectives,

conduct extensive research assignments, or simply to enjoy a space where learning can be solidified through study. Within the last two years of the Diploma Programme, students from Grade 11 and 12 will have cohort rooms for their exclusive use, with the intention of allowing our graduating students to study for their comprehensive exams in Grade 12 or simply to meet with their respective advisors or college counselor.

Our secondary school seeks to provide both teachers and students with the platform to allow best teaching and learning practices to unfold.