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Learning Community

Learning Community

Our learning community extends beyond of the walls of our school and includes all stakeholders of our school. To this end, we offer numerous workshops and events for our parent community. Workshops have the purpose of clarifying and illustrating our school program, our curricula overlaps and ethos, our specific diplomas, and many more key areas of our mission as an international school.

Internally, we focus on the exchange of best teaching practices within our departments and frequently use internal meetings to facilitate this process.

Professional development trainings either with external or internal trainers, offer our entire internal learning community the opportunity to solidify key methods and practices as defined and set by our educational leadership staff with each academic year.

We use cultural events and school events for our community periodically throughout the year to celebrate learning across the school. These events provide our extended community with the opportunity to celebrate our mission and identity as an international school and include celebrations of learning throughout the year.