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Methods & Resources

Methods & Resources

As an IBO World School, we are committed to structured, purposeful inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning. The approach of interdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning is the foundation and the framework for our student-centered curriculum. Within the framework of our school program, we incorporate student┬┤s natural thirst for knowledge, foster this unchecked curiosity, and steer them toward essential learning contents. 

Our students learn how to learn and how to make connections between the building blocks of knowledge. From the moment our secondary students enter grade 6 up until their formal graduation in grade 12, we encourage them to be independent learners, to search for knowledge, question, make connections between different topics, apply what they have learned, present research results, and to try new things.

We foster a problem-solving attitude and set up a framework, where students have to work with a focus on practical experiences and meaningful connections for their world. Within the safe framework created by a warm atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation, students try new activities, develop, and grow.
Students experience that learning is engaging and this experience will allow them to become lifelong learners, who actively shape their own lives in a confident and reflective manner. 

In addition to the academic growth, we focus on the social development and unique character of each student through our commitment to pastoral care and emotional intelligence. Every single student is seen as a person and is offered the structured opportunity to access our curriculum throughout the Secondary School.