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At Berlin Metropolitan School, our teachers represent our greatest resource. Teachers at BMS are much more than just instructors, they are the mentors, educators, coaches, and in many cases, a trusted source of advice for academic or pastoral issues.

Teachers within the Secondary School faculty are masters of their craft and are mentors within their profession. Nearly all of our teachers have a graduate degree and many of them bring with them a wealth of experience in both national and international education. Teachers from around the world call BMS home.

Our faculty and teaching staff is comprised of over 50 teachers, including educators who assist in classroom management and issues of a pastoral nature. Each teacher is a member of a subject-specific department, where guidance and best teaching practices can be shared and developed through mentoring and partnership.

Each of our three curricula strands are managed by program coordinators, who ensure that standards for curriculum implementation are met and to guide our teaching staff in how best to deliver our academic program.