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Student Support

Student Support

Berlin Metropolitan School seeks to support our students in their successful academic and social well-being attainment. To this end, we offer our students key areas of support in order to foster their holistic growth as a student of BMS. Student support happens in various ways and is supported as a whole by our pastoral care structure.

Tutor Time
House tutors support the social and emotional development of our students by engaging them during the daily house tutor time on current events, school activities and in projects they are currently pursuing for their house mission and action.

In addition, the tutors are a trusted source of guidance for the students where needed, as they see these tutors daily and can seek out their support more readily than perhaps a subject teacher. Tutor time allows our students to pose questions to house tutors about school-related issues, so that their tutor can advise them on who best to contact to move forward with their specific question.

Language Support
We recognize language instruction as a key structure of our school program. In order to assist our students with second or third language acquisition, we have dedicated teachers who help students during class instruction in order to ensure learning outcomes and to breakdown key concepts so that language does not impede their academic growth.

Teachers of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF) (German as a Foreign Language) attend classes with students who require additional support or whose needs have been identified through assessment monitoring from our EAL core teacher. Likewise, DaF teachers shadow students who need additional support with learning and understanding lessons in German. At times, specific classes are held for those students so that individualized instruction in a specific subject can take place.