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Reporting on academic achievement takes on various forms and functions in the Secondary School. BMS Student Report Cards offer parents an overview of the attainment of academic goals and learning outcomes.

Both formative and summative assessments are communicated in the Semester report card as well as indicators, in the form of comments and efforts grades, of learning achievement through dedication and effort on the part of the student. The latter allows parents to understand the attainment level of essential skills for the specific subject area.

As we are dedicated to educating the whole child, each student receives a comment from their individual subject teacher outlining where strength and weaknesses are for their student, how well the student understands key concepts and skills, as well as specific feedback so that both students and parents have a clear understanding on how best to improve for the coming semester.

In addition to formal report cards, parents have an open and two-way communication with their respective house tutors and head of house. Here, parents can discuss academic concerns or questions as well as social-emotional questions and receive individualized feedback.

Parent-teacher conferences are another channel of reporting used at Berlin Metropolitan School in a formal setting twice a year. Each parent has the opportunity to meet with their child┬┤s specific subject teacher and discuss learning goals, outcomes, and behavioral issues they may have. 

Teachers often outline specific academic attainment examples for both formative and summative assessment so as to best explain to parents how assessment, monitoring, and reporting form the baseline of how we measure and support academic achievement.

Here, parents have the opportunity to ask question about formal grading and to have an exchange with teachers on how best to support their child at home. Tips and strategies are exchanged at these conferences which then allows both parents and students to understand how to develop their skills for both future informal and formal assessment.

Reporting also takes the form of exchange between subject teachers and parents on a more informal basis as well, with either specific appointments or with email exchanges so as to hear directly from the teacher where their child is on the pathway of achieving successful curricular goals.